Wind Turbine suppliers

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Wind Turbine suppliers

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Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Holding (Group) Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. (CME) is a state-owned holding group corporation organized by Chongqing Municipal Government after the revocation of the previous Mechanical Industry Management Bureau, the Electronics Industry Management Bureau and the Metallurgical Industry Management Bureau in August 2000. In 2004,Chongqing Heavy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd merged into CME.In 2016,CME turned into a capital investment enterprise,engages in manufacturing business and capital peration,with diverse investment,eg. Exclusively,holding and joint shares.After decades’of development, as the largest equipment manufacturer in Wesrern China,CME has been listed among China’s Top 500 Enterprises for consecutive years.
CME’s primary business includes manufacturing and system integration service providing of high-end equipment, electronic information equipment, transportation equipment, intelligent manufacture and engineering technology application,ranging over industries of general environment protection,machine tool,intelligent manufacturing,electronic information,automotive and automotive components,rail transit products,general aviation,high-end casting,electrical appliances,nonferrous smelting and manufacturing service.CME products are highly qualified in civil service.The core technologies take lead in China’s equipment manufacturing industry and have reached world advanced level,which set the benchmark in many sectors.
■High-end Equipment Manufacturing and System Integration Service
CME provides nuclear secondary pumps, nuclear centrifugal chiller sets, small and medium water-turbine generators, high precision CNC machine tools, high-power diesel engine, medium and high pressure compressors, wind turbines and blades, transformers and wires & cables, which are leading both domestic and international markets. Owning several China’s top brands, CME is a main drive of basic industry, chemical industry, environmental protection industry, energy industry and the construction of China’s urbanization.
■Electronic Information Equipment and System Integration Service
special purposes, communication devices and systems, nuclear radiation detection and processing devices, communication and control devices for rail transit, automotive electronics, network billing machines, and smart gas meters, etc. The independent R&D communication and command system has reached a world-class level. CME is a key player for China’s national defense development. The products play a significant role in both military and civil markets.
■ Transportation Equipment and System Integration Service
CME is a reliable supplier of general aircraft, heavy trucks, monorail carriage, diesel engines, transmissions, brake and steering systems, axles, suspension systems, vehicle bearings, fasteners, cylinder block & head etc. which are exporting globally. These products play an important role in China’s transport and engineering machinery industry. CME also serves as an important R&D and manufacturing base of transport equipment and related components in China.
■ Intelligent Manufacturing and System Integration Service
CME provides high precision intelligent products, the design of discrete type & intelligent factories & traditional industry automation, intelligent full solutions. As one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products ODM/OEM in Chongqing,CME also owns high-end intelligent gear processing lines, logistics supply system, test and welding robots.
■ Engineering Technology Service and Application
In addition to the high precision equipment manufacturing, CME also provides engineering EPC, EMC, storage and TPL, industrial remanufacturing and financial service, etc. This sector is to support CME’s key sectors, develop strategic new-emerging industries, upgrade traditional industries and encourage innovation.
CME takes the lead in industrial development, gaining from human resources, continuous innovation, and increasing internationalization via world-class technologies. CME is committed on developing its own technologies and competences and has thus far 1 China famous-brand product; 6 top China brands and 44 Chongqing famous-brand products. Such innovative technologies are achieved by a team of over 2000 engineering & technology experts as well as many state and municipal-level technology centers, for instance, the CME Europe Innovation Center, the CHMTI-PTG R&D Center and the Global Transformer Design Center - as well as the UHV Experimental Chamber and Insulation Manufacturing Center. CME also sets explemary parameters or participates in the setting of many industrial sectors.

In the future, CME will insist on the operation philosophy of “Strive to Exceed”, put efforts on innovation, quality and benefit,and is actively implementing the new “321” strategy, to achieve the vision of “Equipping China & Going Global”.

Wind Turbine suppliers

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